Complete Packing Line

This line includes

  • (Hinge Lid Packer)
  • Wrapping machine of BOPP film packaging (Regular)
  • Boxer Machine 
  • Over Wrapper

This Line is able to complete the entire packaging process from box making, packing and wrapping in BOPP Film at speed of 180 Packs/Minute

HLP-2 Packing Line - Packing machinery

Wrapper Regular

This machine is able to done BOPP film wrapping on a box and Packs 

  • Heating Terminal up to 120 ℃
  • BOPP film wrap up to 180 Packs/Minute

Air supply pressure 0.6 MPa and Air consumption volume > 48 m3/h

Vacuum distance > 0.05MPa 

Packing and wrapping machine CP-1-ali-machinery

Over Wrapper

Machine is able to BOPP film wrap on outers of packets

  • 30 outer/minute
  • BOPP film over wrapping
naked over wrapper machine- packing and wrapping machinery-ali machinery dubai

Box Making Machine

Box making machine

  • High quality box maker
  • 30 Boxes/Minute
boxing making and packing machine-ali-machinery dubai

Stamping Machine

This machine is able to paste stamps on packs

  • 200 stamps/minute
  • Premium quality stamping
Stamping machine for box stamps-ali-machinery